Stanford Seminar – Optional Static Typing for Python

EE380: Computer Systems Colloquium Seminar
Optional Static Typing for Python
Speaker: Guido van Rossum, Dropbox & Python Software Foundation

Python is a dynamically typed language, and some of its appeal derives from this. Nevertheless, especially for large code bases, it would be nice if a compiler could find type errors before the code is even run. Optional static type checking promises exactly this, and over the past four years we have successfully introduced this feature into Python 3….

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8 thoughts on “Stanford Seminar – Optional Static Typing for Python
  1. Please, if your record speakers with slides, put the focus on slides: at 35:51 Guido shows a slide and talks about it, but it is not shown in the video, which is very annoying. The slide is shown at 36:38 for a fraction of a second.

  2. In response to 1:13:00 : python is not a chainsaw. If you have a bug in your, running it will not cut off your foot. It will throw an error at runtime, or it might even just work, because you didn't go down that codepath. The fact is that a type system is extra work. The payoff is worth it even for medium sized codebases, but there are plenty of use cases where "safety above all else" is the wrong approach.

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