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Rails for Beginners Part 21: Reset Password Token Mailer

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3 thoughts on “Rails for Beginners Part 21: Reset Password Token Mailer
  1. Hi, @GoRails Thanks for this video series!. I'm having and error on user.signed_id method on rails c as follow:

    irb(main):007:0> user = User.last

    User Load (0.4ms) SELECT "users".* FROM "users" ORDER BY "users"."id" DESC LIMIT ? [["LIMIT", 1]]

    => #<User id: 8, email: "", password_digest: [FILTERED], created_at: "2021-02-24 19:17:30", updated_at: "2021-02-24 19:17:30">

    irb(main):008:0> user.signed_id

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    1: from (irb):8

    NoMethodError (undefined method `signed_id' for #<User:0x0000000009a29528>)

    The same in the browser:

    def reset

    @token = params[:user].signed_id(purpose: "password_reset", expires_in: 15.minutes)

    mail to: params[:user].email


    What I'm missing here??

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