Python Tutorial | How to organize your files with Python

In this tutorial, I will be sharing a very useful Python script I use very frequently when I need to organize my files by file type.

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10 thoughts on “Python Tutorial | How to organize your files with Python
  1. The images file won't work for some reason. I downloaded a .jpg file for some testing, however, the image file keeps going into the other files folder. I did everything the same as you. Why is this?

  2. How do I make it organize a specific directory instead of just what directory the script is in?
    When I change current_dir to 'C:Usersexampleexample', I get "SyntaxError: (unicode error) 'unicodeescape' codec can't decode bytes in position 2-3: truncated UXXXXXXXX escape"

    Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. I just had to put r before the directory, so it would appear as current_dir = r'C:Usersexampleexample'

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