Python NumPy: Importing flat files

Learn how to import flat files using NumPy:

Okay so you now know how to use Python’s built-in open function to open text files. What if you now want to import a flat file and assign it to a variable? If all the data are numerical, you can use the package numpy to import the data as a numpy array. Why would we want to do this? First off, numpy arrays are the Python standard for storing numerical data. They are efficient, fast…

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5 thoughts on “Python NumPy: Importing flat files
  1. I could load only one column from the file. I couldn't load any other column it simply throws error messages if my entire data in a single column. If I have multiple columns it shows an error message ", could not convert string to float: '1.0 2.0 4.0'"

  2. In case you have your dataset and you wants to import it via pandas or numpy using import function, do you need to save your data numpy library or?

    I have a dataset from internet Im trying to practice to manipulate the data using numpy import function, but it tells me file error.

    Im thinking how do i need to save the file for it to be recognise as by numpy import function.

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