Python Mobile App Tutorial – Part 5: Deploying to Android with Buildozer | Kivy/KivyMD

In today’s video I show how to use Buildozer to compile our Python app made with Kivy/KivyMD to an Android application.

This is an intermediate buildozer tutorial, if you haven’t used it before, check out my previous video where I deployed a Hello World app:

NOTE 1) You’ll likely run into the *ModuleNotFoundError: no module named ‘certifi’* error way before me. This is because I changed the git repository while making…

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25 thoughts on “Python Mobile App Tutorial – Part 5: Deploying to Android with Buildozer | Kivy/KivyMD
  1. Fantastic video buddy. Helped me so much. I have now however hit a wall with a FileNotFoundError and cannot figure it out. Are you on a discord channel somewhere?

  2. Great video, but i use Google Colab instead of virtual machine, Google Colab creates apk very well. Unfornutaley i can't debug my app on google Colab( doesn't support) so all my apps crahses when ı start them on my phone. Is there any way to debugging my app on windows?

  3. This video is definitely helpful and got to the Cython
    error and could not go further.. : no matching distribution found for Cython. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  4. i realised that garden has been updated and now after the building the app it crashes and the log says: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'kivy_garden'

  5. I'll be honest: I had so many build errors with buildozer that I ended up pursuing C# Xamarin forms for cross-platform development. I still love Python (my favorite programming language), but there's a lot of nuances with building mobile applications.

  6. Thank you, Erik, for sharing your knowledge!

    I am having trouble building an android app when I use Twisted module in it.
    These lines of code do not allow my application to run on android:
    1. from import install_twisted_reactor
    2. install_twisted_reactor()
    3. from twisted.internet import reactor, protocol

    In the spec file I tried to add to requirements: twisted, but without success.
    I tried to do it on:
    Ubuntu 20.04
    Python 3.8.2
    buildozer 1.2.0

    It seems to me that I have all the necessary modules installed. Do you have any idea why this problem is?

  7. Hi. can you help me? please.
    I wrote code(.py and .kv) I installed all dependencies like you and when I run:" buildozer android debug deploy run" it download SDK and NDK and after those, I got this error:

    bash: venv/bin/activate: No such file or directory
    # Command failed: bash -c "source venv/bin/activate && env"
    # ENVIRONMENT:…etc

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