Python Beginner Project Tutorial #1 – Your First Python Project

In this beginner python project tutorial we will be creating our first python project! While working through this beginner python project you will learn the basics and fundamentals of python and apply those skills. This python tutorial is designed to get you up and running in python as fast as possible.

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28 thoughts on “Python Beginner Project Tutorial #1 – Your First Python Project
  1. My Example
    print("Hello!! Welcome To My First Game!!")

    name = input("What Is Your Name?")

    age = int(input("What Is Your Age?"))

    Health = 10

    if age >= 18:

    playing = input("Congratulations! Do You Want To Play This Game (yes/no):")

    if playing == "yes":

    print("Let's Begin")

    print("You Are At" ,Health, "Health Now")

    print("You Have Been Assigned To A Mission…..The Mission Is To Wipe Out The Enemies From Area 72")

    enemy = input("Select The Enemies Which You Want To Fight (Titan/Zombies etc)").lower()

    print( name, "You Have Selected" ,enemy, "As Your Enemy…..")

    nextt = input("Do You Want To Continue?")

    if nextt == "yes":

    print("STAGE 1 BEGINS…….")

    print("There Are 8" ,enemy, "Coming From The North And 4 Are Approaching From The South")

    direc = input("In Which Direction Do You Want To Attack Now? (North/South):").lower()

    if direc == "South":

    Health -= 5

    print("Your Health Is" ,Health)

    print("You Were Able To Kill All The" ,enemy, "And Lost 5 Health….YOU WON")


    Health -= 10

    print("Your Health Is" ,Health)

    print("You Were Able To Kill 6" ,enemy, "But Lost All Your Health….YOU LOST")


    print("Comeback Later")


    print("Sorry" ,name, "You Are Not Allowed To Play")

  2. I'm enrolled in Google's IT Automation with Python course on Coursera and I learn about as much content in 15 minutes from you that I learn in 6 hours in that course. Thank you thank you thank you.

  3. I made a chose your own adventure in grade eight using python for a history/geography project and when we started playing it broke. I'm glad there is a video here that actually teaches you how to make one well.

  4. Hey man.. I'm 27 years old and had this idea of changing careers.. I'm on the way from cooking to coding 🙂 and your channel is amazing! I'm learning so much from you and your teaching style is incredible. Your speaking pace, your way of telling things. It's very cool! I wish I was at your age doing this, but it's never too late yeah? Anyways, keep going! When I got my first money from programming, I'll join your channel for sure! One of the best teachers ever. I hope you make great projects and give to the community as you always do!

    Cheers from Istanbul!

  5. I’ve watched other programming tutorials to try to learn but every other tutorial has the same structure expecting that people would understand but I really appreciate that your approach is completely different for my style of learning. Thanks for the tutorials!

  6. i did this:
    #This is a simple login shoping system

    welcome_msg = "Hello,Welcome To Babalao's Greatest Shop"


    print("Please enter your detais or create an account to continue")

    name =input("please type your full name: ").lower()

    tell_no = str(int(input("enter your phone number(start with 07): ")))

    email = input("type your valid email: ")

    password = input("type your password(Note:password should contain atleast more than 4 characters): ")

    confirm_password = input("confirm password: ")

    if len(tell_no) ==9 and password == confirm_password and len(password) >4:

    print("Good job ",name ,"your have successfully created an account")

    print("account created!")

    continue_message = input("do you wish to see my commodities?(yes/no): ")

    if continue_message.lower() == "yes":

    print("Thanks", name, "for taking time to check my commodities I am sure you will like")

    shopn_msg = input("among the following what would you like to buy(ugali,majani,)?: ")

    if shopn_msg.lower() == "ugali":

    print("There is only one packet of", shopn_msg, "remaining")

    buy_qst = input("will you buy?(yes/no: ")

    if buy_qst == "yes":

    print("bought!,thank you for for shopping with us.Goodbye")


    print("sorry if you did not find the commodity of your choice")

    elif shopn_msg == "majani":

    print("Sorry,this commodity is out of stock!")


    print("sorry,we do not sell this commodity")


    print("Thank for your time,looking forward to see your shop here")


    print("""The following problems occurred while creating the account:

    -you entered the numbers less or than normal phone number length

    -the email password has less than 4 characters or passwords don't match""")

    print("the account is not yet created,you can still refresh to create your account")

    input("Press enter to exit:-")

    Tim and other Guys your can run help me more

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