Pyroclastic flows on Mt Merapi Java Indonesia

Spectacular pyroclastic flows by day and night at Mt Merapi Java Indonesia filmed from Babadan

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24 thoughts on “Pyroclastic flows on Mt Merapi Java Indonesia
  1. Sudah lah merapi nya terbantut karna eruption nya yang lalu – awas lava nya keluar turun actives lava panas seperti air – tiba di bawa sudah keras/ dingin sedikit agar pelahan – tetapi itu udah di kampung 2 …..

  2. Whoever the fuck it is in the background sure has a lot to talk about the entire video. All I can hear is Manamanah hehe wamanmanamana manamanamana

  3. Can I have permission to use this video in adaptive courseware that I am building for a geologic disasters class at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ? It is an excellent example of pyroclastic flows that will enhance student learning!

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