PHP Tutorial – 18 – Beginning Forms

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28 thoughts on “PHP Tutorial – 18 – Beginning Forms
  1. @thenewboston Omg thenewboston actually talked to someone! I wish I talked to the newboston! Now Im pretty sure this is considered "Un-professinial" cause none of the big youtubes do it anymore.

  2. @sunbags Ok got it! phew! This is the first language i have started learning by myself ater being taught java at uni. Wouldnt go anywhere else for the lessons. Brilliant work.

  3. @solarlight361 agreed. Very good vids 🙂

    You explain the programming shiznit into plain englisch and that is the key of what a lot of video's out there, also like Lyndy pro vids, miss in there courses!

    So keep up the good work, love it!

  4. @strrrangemen Oh, cause I mean, you've NEVER made a typo in your life, right? Ya you're probably right, what was I thinking that were only human, pfft, silly me!

  5. WOW this all I wanted to learn on php but I thought I would have to watch all of the other videos to understand this as it is video 18.

    This video is so sexual, I think I just came everywhere, your a legend! Instead of just learning how to make forms your videos have inspired me to know how to everything possible in php thanks for your motivation!

  6. Haha i agree with you, and i am trying to put out a couple new tutorials each day! Right now I am making c++, but I will most likely be making more php tutorials after this!

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