PHP Random Array Content From Flat Text File Database Tutorial

In this exercise we put several built in PHP functions to use in order to turn an idea into an application. We take the described logic and translate it into script by accessing knowledge we have of PHP’s built in functions and applying them. Some people have to use text files in place of MySQL for data management so this lesson is another one that deals with text file data…

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15 thoughts on “PHP Random Array Content From Flat Text File Database Tutorial
  1. Hey Adam, thank you for all tutorials u made so far, I just wanna ask you, is it possible to make that the same way with pictures w/o SQL DB and etc… if so, how can I make it to collect the info and let visitor send an email includes the data that visitor collects from the website, its like Shopping Cart, but without payments, lets say, a visitor will choose products on the website,when finish visitor will say SEND, instead of CheckOut… ??
    Thank you in advance……

  2. Hi Adam,

    Can you make an post about that how do i convert div content into a image/png through PHP.
    I hope you'll help me and i'm a huge fan of your. 🙂

    Pawan Mall

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