PHP Lesson 1 – Installing WAMP and Notepad++ on Windows 7

In this lesson I install the WAMP server on Windows 7. After the install I then download and install Notepad++ as a text editor for writing the PHP code.

This video is part of a series on PHP Development. This PHP Development series is designed to teach both current and new programmers web development techniques in a step-by-step guided approach. Any images used are part of the Creative Commons License. For more information visit Lecture Snippets at

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22 thoughts on “PHP Lesson 1 – Installing WAMP and Notepad++ on Windows 7
  1. Problem right off the bat. I followed the guide exactly and right after installing Wamp and picking Chrome as my  default browser, i tried to turn it online and i get an error.

  2. Hello sir ,your videos are cool but ,but your website isn't .
    If you don't mind could you give an account in your website to for making it better.
    I am not asking money , actually its just like a practice for me because i have been on wordpress for 2 years and want to help you on it because i have been your student for soo long,Thanks in advance if you accept or not

  3. i just have a question …… you help a lot ?i mean u spend hours making these videos?!!.
    your a true teacher thank you so much

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