Pacman in Java, Programming Tutorial 1/2

In this tutorial I create a Pacman game in Java. I explain the code step by step with pictures and instructions. As editor for Java I use eclipse as always. I have divided the tutorial into two parts. This is the first part. You can find the code for the game on Github. There I also upload the code for all my other tutorials.
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You can download the code in the second part…

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36 thoughts on “Pacman in Java, Programming Tutorial 1/2
  1. I'm not sure if you will read this but I chossed programming in school and I don't understand anything. When I copy your code from github eclipse shows me a lot of problems any idea what I could have done wrong ?PS: Are you german ?

  2. Hey great work on the game. I just wanted to know that are those starting import files that u have added, are those javafx import statements like javax etc. Pls respond at your earliest please.

  3. When i set that ghost_dx[i] = dx
    it says that I cannot convert from int[] to int and
    it says this when i do this dx = -dx;is undefined for the argument type(s) int[]. How can I make it work?

  4. Hello, I am coding the game in Java as your video. However, the screen does not appear as it is in your video. Could you help me to see the problem? (Could you let me know your email, I can send the code to you)

  5. Hey man, can I ask? I trying to make custom background like image, but my problem is that I cant get to work only with AlphaComposite I can do something..but its not working properly..any ideas please ?:) Thanks

  6. sorry I have fixed the first issue but now it only gives me yellow warnings (by some of my code being underlined with yellow color only too) and because of this, I can't run the game to see the changes in real-time or what's going on to learn better? yours is the same but you can at least run it? why is that?

  7. Hi, I created my own version but the ghosts were going so fast. So I tried your code on GitHub to see if I can adjust it and even known I change the timer the ghosts go really fast. like glitch across the screen fast. how can I fix this?

  8. hello,it's very nice!
    I'm french and I'm a beginner in C++.
    I don't understand this line "if ((screenData[i] & 48) != 0)
    " in private void checkMaze()
    why 48 ?

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