One Day Builds: Automatic time tracking using Python

One Day Builds: Automating my time tracking using Python

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48 thoughts on “One Day Builds: Automatic time tracking using Python
  1. Oh shit thank you so much, I'm planning to make a gamified tracker based off of Neil Cicierega's work app and this will be super useful for that project

  2. If you want to build an app to show the time spent, I recommend Elasticsearch and Kibana. You can import your data to Elasticsearch and use Kibana as a UI tool to work with the data. Kibana allows you to build visualization dashboards with drag and drop, so it is faster. Unless you want to go through the learning curve by building your own visualization app, then that is different.

  3. Adding sleep time is necessary I think, there are times you left the PC, in these times, the program should monitor mouse movement and/or keyboard keys type to find out that is someone using the PC? Of course, it may not be accurate and there is some issue about it, for example, the times when you are thinking and doing nothing, etc, but better to have it.
    And one more thing, don't you mind to clean your main code a little?

  4. You just won a new subscriber. I loved how natural the flow was. The running into errors. Taking a break but then end up doing nothing. Still dedicated to make it work. Googling a lot of stuff. The process was just so natural and went in a very very natural flow. I loved it.

  5. Thanks ! i used this project from your github i made few changes in calling instantiation no need of dateutil you can just use str 🙂 keep going kalle ! how long does it to took you to do this ? do you plan all this stuff before or on spot ?

  6. Just a reminder bro what you are doing now, secret agencies and other groups were doing this from the beginning of technological advancement…you are only monitoring time spent on each task but "They" were monitoring each and every thing..might probably be monitoring as I Type this comment.😂😂🤣🤣
    But as a matter of knowledge this video helps me understand the ways in which we can use python to ease our daily life ..Keep It Up

  7. This is really nice. I wish there was an option to sum the time usage for each app in the JSON file. For example, I have 7 entries under youtube with no labels.

  8. Kalle, I didnt see in the video, do you know or is it possible to track the file that is open in some software program? For example: I have open the Photoshop and I am editing a file called "project A". I would like to track this file name and the program it self you know?

  9. One day builds idea: why don’t you create a website blocker app, like Selfcontrolapp but for iOS instead of Mac.. the concept is that you set a timer and in that time you can not browse a selected group os websites that could distract you from work
    Thank you

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