Main Function in Python with Example | __name__ == '__main__' | main method in Python

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Hello Folks, Welcome to our another tutorial from Python Beginners Learning Series.
In this tutorial we will learn about the Main method in Python. How we work with the Main method and what is the use of the implicit variable __name__ while working with the the main method

So by the end of this video, you will learn:

1. What is a main method in Python?
2. How to write main method?
3. What is __name__ implicit variable?
4. How to use…

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9 thoughts on “Main Function in Python with Example | __name__ == '__main__' | main method in Python
  1. Hello Folks, Here comes our next tutorials. Do Leave your feedback and let us know your suggestions on what topic you want to see in our upcoming tutorials.
    Stay Tuned With #TheCodeTalk. Happy Learning…!!! 😊😊
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  2. I'm sorry but I'm a little confused by your terminology of saying that the main function is the entry point in a program. However when you ran your first program it didn't go to the entry point in the program (the main function) it went from the top and printed the print statement. So how is that the main entry point of a program when it ran something else first?

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