LIVE Python Interview | Python important Interview Question 2020 | #pythoninterview

Live Python Interview Session 2020.

This is a mock interview session of python we have covered all important interview question during an interview.

What is Python?

What is the Difference between Tuple and List?

What is Exception?

Python support Switch code?

ASCII Code of 1?

ASCII Code of A to Z?

What is the pass keyword in Python?

What is a destructor?

What is meaning three single quote meaning? how to print it?

Base class of Exception?

Python is an Object-Oriented or Procedure…

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31 thoughts on “LIVE Python Interview | Python important Interview Question 2020 | #pythoninterview
  1. Thank you for the interview session. It was power-packed filled with a good set of questions. And finally please let us know the answer to the last question.

  2. अगर मुझे python language सिख कर जॉब करना हैं. तो सिर्फ मैने python language सिखनी चाहिये या बाकी और भी कुछ चिजे होती हैं ? Pls कोई बतादो🙏मुझे कोई बता सकता है की as a python developer join करणे के बाद आपको अकेले को सिधे वर्क पे बिठाया जाता हैं या आपको ग्रुप्स के साथ काम करणा होता है. और training कितने दिन दी जाती हैं?

  3. Bhaiya g Laptop me bhi keyboard aur mouse lgakar baithe h PC he use kr lete Laptop ki kya zaroorat thi….mock interview h Bhailog…..Interview content is good….good for learning 🙏…do like n share……

  4. from india nobody is conducting python based mock interviews , Shiva Concept Solution is the one doing it , Awesome work , looking forward to watch some more interviews covering topics sir , thanks for helping students

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