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Learn Ruby on Rails – Part 4 – Recipes' Controller and Views

Today we get back to building features for our application by taking the abilities of our Recipe model that we built in the previous tutorial and building a user interface. We will build all of the controller actions and views to allow a user to create, edit, delete and view his/her recipes. It’s a bit of a long episode, but it builds out a fair bit of functionality into our ruby on rails application.

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4 thoughts on “Learn Ruby on Rails – Part 4 – Recipes' Controller and Views
  1. I'm completely new to Ruby on Rails, I haven't had any experience with Ruby (came from PHP and C# background), I do really enjoy your tutorials, it's the best Rails tutorial that available on YouTube so far, and you even use Docker container.

    Thank You for this tutorial, I hope you'll make another series that covers RoR

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