Kotlin 1.5 Online Event

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Kotlin 1.5.0 Highlights and Future of Kotlin talk slides

3:20 – Kotlin 1.5.0 Highlights, the talk by Svetlana Isakova and Sebastian Aigner
29:30 – Future plans for Kotlin, the talk by Roman Elizarov
49:10 – Q&A with the Kotlin team

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14 thoughts on “Kotlin 1.5 Online Event
  1. I really appreciate all the work Svetlana does and I find her content and tutorials great, but her pronunciation makes it always difficult for me to keep listening. I wish I can get used to it someday… I will be able to understand and enjoy more her content…

  2. This was great, thank you. I want to applaud the decision-making explained by Roman time and again regarding prioritizing the front-end/back-end split stabilization above a bunch of onesie-twosie tweaks or fixes. The parallel fixes done to both the front/back split implementation AND the legacy tightly coupled fixed-target monolithic bundles make me cry for the duplicate effort done for the sake of fixing for the old thing (that is getting tossed as soon as there's opportunity) AND the fixes for the future model. And as a user of it all, I want to stress that as much as I like fixes coming my way, I like overall unwasted progress more so that we get long term progress with the language and tools in the long run. Prioritize efficient throughput over latency. This stuff is too good to throw busywork at your team because you're worried we will get too impatient.

  3. Kotlin is my favorite language these days! Thank you guys for all your hard work. I love where the langue is heading. It's rare for me to get really excited about new language features, because most langues are just so average and boring, but I find that Kotlin always has such creative interesting new features that make my life as a developer a lot more fun and easy.

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