Indonesia Plane Crash: Flight data recorder recovered from Java Sea

Divers with the Indonesian navy have recovered one of the black boxes from the Lion Air plane that crashed with 189 people on board. It’s usually a crucial development in any investigation. But as Natasha Hussain reports, there are concerns this flight data recorder may not be enough to solve why the plane went down.
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6 thoughts on “Indonesia Plane Crash: Flight data recorder recovered from Java Sea
  1. Could these high tech airplanes get hacked by outside sources? So many connections for communicating with outside computers. Fly by wire and other navigational controls, could they be hacked by terrible individuals or organizations / groups? Just a thought.

  2. *I think there's some serious issues with flight-control mechanisms…because the pilot(s) were experiencing difficulties earlier…and then everything was 'fine'…then later major systems failed, and that sounds like the 'Fly-by-wire' systems had an internal 'fault' somewhere, and no computer can function without power**This is an excellent example of 'Why even redundant systems can never be fully trusted, because if denied power for any reason, an aircraft is doomed.(  **ALL AIRCRAFT SHOULD AND MUST HAVE MECHANICAL 'BACK-UPS' TO MAJOR FLIGHT SYSTEMS* and the fact they do not have them means aircraft manufacturers have been deceived by 'evolving technology' that is subject to massive critical failure if electrical power fails for any reason! )

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