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41 thoughts on “How to Send Bulk Email using PHP with PHPMailer & Ajax JQuery
  1. How can this be used to automate a birthday mailer. I mean for example if an admin sets a users name, email and birth date (month and day) and once it's gets to that day the mailer sends the birthday to the user automatically. This video is great.

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  3. Please make when user register and agent verify and approve his/her registration then automatically delivered credentials user mobile number through sms .

  4. Hi, thank you for this guide. in addition how can one go about emailing individual row data from mysql to individual users. like adding more columns to the table . e.g. some data column to be emailed as the subject while other columns to be included in the message body by echoing the data. Kindly help me this one

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  6. I have benefited immensely from your video. I have more than a thousand contact on my list, i cant afford to start clicking on select box for each recipient. Is there a way i can on one click send to all the contact on my list..

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