How to Implement Custom Captcha in PHP

Learn How to add Captcha in PHP form. How to validate captcha using ajax jquery with PHP. How to create captcha in PHP. How to make PHP captcha using jQuery Ajax. How to create simple captcha script using PHP. How to real time validate PHP captcha using Ajax with jQuery.

For source code and online demo –

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20 thoughts on “How to Implement Custom Captcha in PHP
  1. Sir your video is so nice…its very help full for all that …. can you make any what's app group there we can ask any type of query related to php or paython..or more language

  2. how you can assign same id(captcha_id) for form and captcha input … in form there should be (captcha_form) in form tag… to prevent default action of java script you took captcha_form as id but in form tage id is captcha_code… so how this form is working ..i could not get it.

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