How to Customize Superflat Worlds – Minecraft Java 1.16+

I hope you enjoy the tutorial! As a quick little note, the structure generation part of superflat worlds is broken in 1.16. If you need to use structures in your superflat, make the world in 1.15 then just open it in 1.16 and it should work fine. Good luck!

The text I used in the video:
minecraft:bedrock,40*minecraft:stone,4*minecraft:dirt,minecraft:grass_block;minecraft:plains;village(size=10 distance=9),mineshaft,stronghold(distance=10 count=20),biome_1,decoration
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26 thoughts on “How to Customize Superflat Worlds – Minecraft Java 1.16+
  1. Just to clarify one point. In Java 1.16 there is a bug which makes the structure generation part not work. So if you’re doing this in 1.16 you can do structures. BUT this tutorial also works in 1.15. So if you need structures like biome_1 or decoration or villages, just make the world in 1.15 first using the video as a guide, then play in your world with 1.16. I know it sucks, but that’s what has to happen. Have fun!!

  2. Bedrock & nylium Forrests biomes is difficult to force to generate on the overworld. Even if you started with a legacy world, it might just save time to edit something after a port to these versions.

  3. Can someone help me with this long preset? I'm trying to make a world with all structures.
    If it is not possible then let me know.

  4. I've been wanting to get Minecraft java for a while but I don't know what kind of a computer would work well for it, what kind of a computer would you recommend?

  5. I MADE THIS CODE FOR TNT WORLD minecraft:bedrock,40*minecraft:tnt,4*minecraft:tnt,minecraft:tnt;minecraft:plains;village(size=10 distance=9),mineshaft,stronghold(distance=10 count=20),biome_1,decoration

  6. Could i somehow add new layers to an already made superflat? We have a lot of cool things in me and my friend's save but there is only 3 layers of dirt. Ive heard of mcedit but i dont know how to use it.

  7. So if I make new world with structures in 1.15, walk around there for a 5s and then change to the 1.16, will it generate the rest of world as it should be or just leave what was generated (and then just generate everything else except structures)?

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