How to Code a Game of Hangman… The EASY Way!! (Beginner Python Tutorial)

One of the most common introductory Python projects is to code a game of Hangman. Almost all of MIT’s introductory coding classes require you successfully program this fun little game.

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In this video, I show you how to program a game of hangman that you can play on your computer. I randomly select a word from a list of words…

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22 thoughts on “How to Code a Game of Hangman… The EASY Way!! (Beginner Python Tutorial)
  1. **NOTE: in the words function, you should add a ".upper()" to "return word" so that everything is uppercased

    Update: lol i'm thinking about redoing this video. comment below if you think that's a good idea

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  2. Followed your tutorial to make hangman with my daughter over lockdown. Great tutorial, well explained and straightforward design. Thanks!

  3. The video was great and very helpful as I am a beginner. I am using IDLE to write and run the script. When i run the module nothing happens. After searching I added following lines that helped me to run the script:
    def main():


    if _name_ == "__main__":


    Can you tell me how it runs for you without this? What am I missing?

  4. Great tutorial! But I have a question. So let's say you do not want to import the list (with words), but want to paste it in the same .py file,, How should i do that??

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