How I Learned Python in Just 10 Days

Are you wondering how to learn Python fast? In this video, I give a short Python tutorial on how I learned the Python programming language in just 10 days while preparing for the Google coding interviews.

And here’s the video on how I went from writing my first line of code to landing a job as a Software Engineer at Google in just 6 months:

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34 thoughts on “How I Learned Python in Just 10 Days
  1. I figured I'd add some timestamps for this video:
    0:00 | badass card stuff
    0:23 | introduction
    0:33 | disclaimer
    1:54 | how I did it
    4:51 | example of very first time writing Python
    10:51 | example of testing with Terminal (for loops)
    11:42 | example of something a bit more complicated (iterating in reverse order)
    12:39 | example of something even more advanced (lambda functions)
    14:18 | conclusion

  2. Wondering for a person not knowing much about Codes, which code is easier to understand, learn and use specially if the main interest is creating Relational Databases and or CRMs? VBA or Python or any other ? Any chance you might have a sample file to see how it looks?

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