How I Feed My Hatchlings With High Success !! Feeding Ball Python Tips

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36 thoughts on “How I Feed My Hatchlings With High Success !! Feeding Ball Python Tips
  1. Can’t under stand the haters. What do they think they eat in the wild? Your snakes are very healthy and well fed. More so than they would be in the wild! The information you provided is invaluable to people new to the hobby.

  2. I think live-fed snakes just get hurt because people throw the mice/rats in and just leave them with the snake
    Dont check that they grab it at all or anything.
    I personally couldn't do it because I love cute fluffy things and I'd just start collecting the mice instead of feeding them off lol

  3. With 600 comments you probably won't see this… Can you please switch my female pastel blade clown to pre killed? I do frozen as well..and it will be a while till you ship winter and all.

  4. BILLY I have a 3 month old ball python around 70 grams. It's been 3 weeks and won't eat again. Last meal was a hopper mouse. Is this gonna be ok? She looks healthy

  5. Call me a pussy, but I hate feeding live because I feel bad for the rat. Unfortunately, some of my balls won't take f/t, and some who have taken f/t before will stop, so I have to do it. If you absolutely can't stomach it, then don't get a snake. This is the reason I haven't gotten a burm or retic. If an adult like one of them wouldn't take or stopped taking f/t, there's no way I could feed it a live rabbit or guinea pig. No chance in hell.

  6. How I see it, feeding live rats to a ball python is no different to feeding a leopard gecko live mealworms. That’s what happens out in nature. For people who have a large number of snakes. It’s more time and cost effective feeding live. We don’t all have endless amounts of money to keep freezers running. I feed mine frozen-thawed but that’s because I can, as I only have the one.

  7. Well.. the snakes are doing it pretty “humanly”. The go straight for the suffocation.

    Not like my cat that plays kick ball and the “hide, seek, and give a stroke” before it decides to eat it.. if they even eat it at all..

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