Hack Your Life With Python This Year

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46 thoughts on “Hack Your Life With Python This Year
  1. Some pessimists diss learning or “wasting” time with python due to companies only hiring people with “full stacks” but honestly, I love python and the way you can manipulate information is unparalleled. Information, specifically timely access to relevant information, is super important and you can make scripts that yield anything you want. It’s powerful and way more fun than Java projects, which I burned out on after a dozen or so. Nice vid 👌🏻

  2. I love python but now I'm focusing on python coding challenges because it improve problem-solving and logical thinking which I need for jobs yeah and Python is the greatest language in the world as I experienced.

  3. Dude, Thanks for the resources. I wanna ask you something.
    I'm planning to do a big project, and I need it to get done in 4 months.
    It's going to be a web based app, so I'm planning to use js.
    I'm somewhat experienced with programming, but I still need to learn several things.

    To deploy this web app in 4 mothns, would you recommend using js or python?

    The reason behind the 4 month deadline is because I'm tired of being such a loser in life. I need to get this done to stop being a loser, I need to show off to myself that I can do it.
    Any help is highly appreciated.

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