Good Coding Practices – #1 – Competitive Programming In Java

The first lecture of this series is probably the most difficult to master: Good coding practices! We discuss this based on three goals:

1) Correctness
2) Efficiency
3) Debuggablilty

I would love to hear your suggestions and views in the comments below. Will try to incorporate as many suggestions in the last lecture of this series: Multithreading.

Happy Coding!

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23 thoughts on “Good Coding Practices – #1 – Competitive Programming In Java
  1. One of the most important thing for programmers regardless of whether they practice competitive programming or not, is to spend some time finding sensible identifiers. Apart from the fact that it's a good coding practice, good identifiers help enormously to understand what the program is doing.

  2. please bring more such videos.
    Plus if you got time will you solve some Div 3 questions from codechef or codeforces so that we can have that idea how to write code and also we can open that blockage so that we can get logic of the problem straight into our heads.
    Thank you

  3. hello sir, are you participate in codejam or kickstart??
    I solve problem on codejam but it generate error not compilation.I didn't get idea what I make wrong. So, could you help me so, next time I solve that problem.

  4. Hello, you have made string builder as final. But than u r modifying it by that okay ? How do we correctly choose variables,methods or classes that can be made final ?

  5. Hi Gaurav
    Can you make a video on all the names of the algorithms that one needs to learn to solve these problems ?
    Biggnner to advance. On topchef or codechef.
    I know you have made many videos on the working of these algorithms.
    But a systematic review of basic prerequisites would be great.
    And also please show the codechef topchef problem with the answer. Side by side.

  6. Very nice! But it would be better if you explain in the pattern, what the program is about, what's the problem in it and how you're gonna solve the problem, before proceeding to the solution. It feels little overwhelming while seeing a huge spaghetti code in the very beginning of the video.

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