Get thumbnail from camera in Android/Kotlin

Use Kotlin and an implict intent to toggle the camera in Android Q. First, we add uses-permissions and uses-feature to the AndroidManifest.xml. Then, we add a button click listener for our camera button. We wire that up to a method that determines whether or not we have permissions, and requests them if we do not have them. If the permissions are granted, we toggle the camera. If the permissions are not granted, we show a Toast, explaining why the user will not be able to use the…

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2 thoughts on “Get thumbnail from camera in Android/Kotlin
  1. Finally accomplished this with Java following this more recent video. Had to use findViewById() instead of the binding object. Didn't show the image with the later. Thank you very much.

  2. I don't know that you will help me or not
    But please please
    I want to play Geometry wars 3 dimension android game on my notch screen phone but, when i install, it is not full screen
    I request you to change that apk's layout and whatever you want but i want it full screen
    Please help me
    When you make a new application then give me link of google drive to download it
    One more thing the apk file you edit should be downloaded from android1.com website v1.3.0
    I'm waiting for your reply

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