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12 thoughts on “Design Bill Sharing/Expense Sharing-Machine coding round-Object Oriented Design Java Implementation
  1. Hey, I have a doubt regarding expenseId under ExpenseService->createExpense. We can have same id which can point to two different expense. how are we handling that scenario??

  2. user profile service

    UserCreationResponse createUser(UserCreationRequest request);

    LoginResponse login(LoginRequest request);

    public boolean addFriends(String id, String friendId);

    expense service

    public Expense createExpense(String title, String description, LocalDate expenseDate, double amount, String spenderId);

    public void addPersonToShareExpense(String expenseId, String friendId);

    notification Service

    public List<ExpenseNotification> getDebtNotifications(String userId);

    public boolean respondToDebtNotification(String expenseId, String friendId, ExpenseResponse response);

    Debt service

    public List<Debt> getActiveDebts();

    public void payDebt(Debt, PaymentMethod method);

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