Data Analytics for Beginners 2021 | Guide to Data Analysis with Python & SQL

Stay home, learn a new skill? In this video, I walk you through how to learn data analytics as a beginner: where to start, which analytics language to go for, the data analysis process, recommended data analytics courses and resources, tips for learning data analytics, and much more! Links to resources below.

How to Become a Data Analyst? | Q&A with a Former Data Analyst:
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40 thoughts on “Data Analytics for Beginners 2021 | Guide to Data Analysis with Python & SQL
  1. Hi,
    Sofia !
    I want to Switch my Career from Sales Domain into Data Analyst & and I am planning to Enroll @ Google Data Analytics Professional Certification I am beginer and i want to Switch within 6 months. Can you please me resourses and pratical project ?

  2. Actually the process is more likely to go wrong if you are nor an R user. Python has a good library in machine learning but a grandpa performance in dealing with data and analytics unlike R who is the winner solution for modern data science. If you have R no need to learn SQL since you can run sequel queries in R language or if you want R support sql language framework

  3. Hi, thank you for this video it was incredibly helpful. You mentioned a lot of resources from coursera, to udemy, to datacamp. For overall learning + projects which one would you recommend focusing on for a beginner? (free or not)

  4. Thank you for this great content in this field. I was a telecom for over 20yrs and most recently through a life transition, I am pursuing training in the data science field. I really do feel that the Data Analytics domain is where I desire to work post studies. I totally agree data is the superstar and precious currency🥰

  5. Hey. Love your content. I'm currently enrolled in a Excel to SQL specialization, Duke Uni via Coursera, (its actually the one you recommended the Coursera tableau course from). I'd like to hear your thoughts on taking whole specializations with combined courses(one I'm on covers business metrics(1), excel,(2) SQL(3), tableau)(4), project(5) vs doing different courses from various resource points.

  6. Invisible Women!!!! Yes!! This book! I would strongly recommend it to everyone in Data Analytics! You have to have the perspective and know what you might be lacking!

  7. Thank you so much for this video. I'm a web app developer for 20+ years, but I've had some interest in getting into data analysis. This video is very helpful in my research into the field of data analytics. I have many transferrable skills that would make the transition fairly easy.

  8. Hey, Thank you so much! I was going for a bootcamp that would endebt me like 6k $ and this is such a more "my pace" and cheaper solution! I'm going for it! 😀

  9. i been learning Python since January. Now l hv gone through 60% of the basics…do you think at this point l should filter towards SQL and start studying it?..Im confused as to ; at what point do l start making my projects for my portfolio? l always feel like l haven't mastered the basics good enough..

  10. I'm changing careers and I feel like I'm a bit over my head but also excited. I enrolled in the Coursera IBM Dats Analytics Certification program and im about half done. I also went to Udemy and bought a python course and sql course

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