Create an AI using tree search to DOMINATE 2048 [Python tutorial]

This is a follow-up video to our first tutorial on building 2048. We’ll be using Monte Carlo tree search to build an AI to win 2048. The process of building this AI is easier than winning yourself!

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28 thoughts on “Create an AI using tree search to DOMINATE 2048 [Python tutorial]
  1. Hey! I think there is some bug in the code on github (with tinkter). When I run it, the bot continue to work on the 2048 game, but the tkinter Frame crashes and freezes. Normal?

  2. Did you implement your own version of 2048? Is so, does your implementation generate the 2's and 4's with probability 0.9 and 0.1 respectively, just like the original version of 2048? The game is much easier if it only spawns two's.

  3. Hi, Kite. Great videos. I've just started watching them. I followed the 'How to build 2048 tutorial' but we never built anything called '' and some of the functions weren't even in our main game file such as 'initialize_game'. Please could you let me know what was in it so I can start following this tutorial? Thanks.

  4. Hello team kite.
    Recently i had downloaded your kite sw plugin and using kite as well in pycharm.
    It was amazing experience…
    But i will love using kite the more if kite supports jupyter notebook in anaconda…
    Pl update kite so that jupyter notebook will also support kite.

    Waiting for your reply……..

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