Cave Spider XP Farm – Minecraft 1.16+ Tutorial (Java Edition)

In this tutorial I will show you how to make my improved Cave Spider XP Farm for Minecraft 1.16+ this farm will also work in older versions.
Spider XP farm:
Skeleton XP Farm:
Early Game Skeleton XP Farm:
Zombie XP Farm:

Dungeon Finder:

531 votes and 90% said YES for a upgraded/improved Cave Spider XP Farm, so here it is!
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41 thoughts on “Cave Spider XP Farm – Minecraft 1.16+ Tutorial (Java Edition)
  1. I was fizzeling around with my farm for some hours now. Its working but not perfect, to many spiders get stuck. Now i recraeate your design. Thanks

  2. this worked so well!! i was lucky and had two spider spawners right next to each other and i just made it a 9 by 9 box and got xp twice as fast. definitely would recommend doing this on your minecraft world 🙂

  3. In 1.16.5 it's nearly impossible to do this anymore. They managed to bug this such that even tho the spawner is lit, if you break stuff around (some said) it will still spawn them. I've had at least 20 in 4 minutes.

  4. Thank you so much for this clear tutorial!
    I love the style you use for the intro, items you need and the tutorial it self.
    Great video!

  5. "remember to crouch when you place the hoppers so they will connect" This is super important information which almost nobody on YouTube tutorials ever tell you. Thank you so very much. I was struggling to copy peoples designs and wondering why it wasn't working!

  6. This version kinda sucks not gonna lie kinda hard to afk it or anything as none of them group and you have to constantly move around to the 14 different locations they group, still the best way is to send them into 1 corner and have them climb into a fence

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