Bruteforcing PHPSESSID: Python Web Hacking | Natas: OverTheWire (Level 18)

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10 thoughts on “Bruteforcing PHPSESSID: Python Web Hacking | Natas: OverTheWire (Level 18)
  1. Hello John Hammond! I really enjoy your videos and explanations on how to complete these levels. My code was very similar to yours, but instead of setting PHPSESSID to str(session_id), I set PHPSESSID to the looped variable in the for loop. Any ideas why {"PHPSESSID": "session_id" } doesn't work but {"PHPSESSID": str(session_id) } does? I don't see why "session_id" wouldn't be treated as a string.

  2. So, 640 is enough for anyone is a nod to a statement Bill Gates made back in the DOS days(1981 supposedly)… At least it’s attributed to Bill Gates, he denies that he ever said that, so could just be a huge rumor with no basis in reality. I guess we may never know…

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