Android App using Python | Convert .Py to APK | #Kivy Tutorial

Hello, Guys, I am Spidy. I am back with another video.

In this video, I am showing you how you can make a Cross-Platform app using python, which means a single app for windows & android. Here we are creating GUI using Kivy for windows then we are converting python code to APK.

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37 thoughts on “Android App using Python | Convert .Py to APK | #Kivy Tutorial
  1. Sir actually I already made a Employee Payement Management System Project in Python for final year project but sir told us to make this Project as an app how can this be done

  2. I had a question. Let's say I am using any python library like librosa , wave etc in my pthon script and when I add the kivi GUI in it and export it as an app would the dependencies work on the android device too? I mean would the other python libraries be ported on the android device too? Please help me I am stuck on this point.

  3. i wrote a simple code for my sister (it calculate cost and income and gives profit) but i dont know how to convert it to apk since i never used kivy, i made the code in Mu, i dont need it to look good for all i care i can look like cmd but i need it to function on her phone

  4. Hi Bro, it's awesome for the beginner's n great video……. i have a small doubt if i want to build same app for my custom python code, how we want to proceed for building the app, will U help me……..

  5. hello sir, i am a linux user and whenever i try to run the command – " buildozer v android debug " it is showing an error like: [ERROR]: Build failed: Requested API target 27 is not available, install it with the SDK android tool.
    I am a beginner and don't know much about it. Please help me out.

  6. Hi, thank you. It was really well explained and helped a lot.

    I could successfully generate the .spec file, but when I run "!buildozer -v android debug", I get error, hence the apk file is not generated. I have restarted and rerun the notebook. But that doesn't work.

    Along with .py and .kv files I also have .jpg, .png,.csv files being used in the app. So, I think there is something wrong with my .spec file.

    Could you please suggest me what additional changes should I make in my .spec file other than you already mentioned in the video.

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