8.23 Marker Interface in Java Tutorial Serialization, Remote

Marker Interface in Java
Interface without any method declaration.
eg : Remote Interface, Serializable Interface

An interface in the Java programming language is an abstract type that is used to specify an interface (in the generic sense of the term) that classes must implement.

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43 thoughts on “8.23 Marker Interface in Java Tutorial Serialization, Remote
  1. Watching your videos in 2020 ,I don't know how to thank you Sir . In this covid time when it's not possible to go out for taking coaching , you nd your videos is a big help for student like me who wants to study Java . Also , It would have been better if you have also provided a full java project. (being greedy…heeeheehee)

  2. pls explain i just change the name of the interface still it is going to show().
    interface q{
    class aa implements p{
    void show(){
    System.out.println("hey you are in show");
    public class int1{
    public static void main(String args[]){
    aa a=new aa();
    if(a instanceof p){;
    System.out.println("fuck offf");



  3. Hello Navin Sir, I have understood the concept of class and interface and we create object of class to access the functionalities defined in methods of class right. but interfaces contains only the declarations and we implement those interfaces through class, then what is the use of interface? Because we use inheritance so that there should be no need to define methods again right, then 1. First question is what is the ultimate purpose of interfaces? 2. Second when we have to choose out of interface and inheritance , what should we prefer? Is its answer is inheritance because you said in one of your videos class is more powerful than interface or it has some other answer? Thanks

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