3. PHP MySQL with AJAX Tutorial – Insert Into Database with AJAX

Welcome to PHP MySQL with Ajax Tutorial. In this Tutorial series we are going to learn.

PHP MySQL with Ajax Tutorial
1. Creating Database
2. Creating Project
3. Creating HTML Form
4. Inserting into Database
5. Applying AJAX method
6. Fetching from database using AJAX
7. Updating database using AJAX
8. Deleting Database using AJAX

This video will cover the 5th point which is inserting values from form into database using AJAX. So in this video we will learn…

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11 thoughts on “3. PHP MySQL with AJAX Tutorial – Insert Into Database with AJAX

    $(#result).html("inserted sucesssfully");
    $(#result).html("error occured");

    i followed the same yet i'm getting a redirected page
    before adding $.post if i click the button nothings happening like in the video
    but after i add $.post code it's redirecting to next page and shows success

  2. thx! great videos, but you have 2 little fails. 1st: try to have the same noice volume in each video. 2nd: try to talk much more complex as you do in that videos, because what you are doing we could all see. the background informations are ok as an example "we have to set the method=post in the form tag, because thats important for the transmitting method of the form tag. without it doesn't work to send the information" or something like that 🙂 br

  3. If you find that your coding wasn't successful, cut that part on where you're trying to find it, don't show your weakness, it's makes me kind of suspicious whether or not you can teach when you used the wrong key like html and val, anyways good video, please improve sound quality, or not try to speak louder

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