Tips Tricks and Min Maxing Your Buffed Blighted Maps For Max Currency!

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24 thoughts on “Tips Tricks and Min Maxing Your Buffed Blighted Maps For Max Currency!
  1. lol´ed struggling with high tier maps on the HH char while my random summoner facerolls everything w/o even using towers

  2. The main issue IMHO is how blighted maps drops. Today I dropped only 1 and yesterday 5. And I played more maps today than yesterday (where i spent a lot of time with alva and nico), with higher tier maps etc. There is something here I don't understand, that is not RNG, not over hours of gameplay.

  3. gimro! do test kinetic blast with freeze cage towers. they do interact like with old frostwall. its really insane damage and only a few of those towers are enough to do any map 😀 test it and get away from tornado shot!

  4. T13 with 3 teal oils and I got 9 bad chests. But I consider unique chests bad, and gem/essence chests half bad. Got 1 unique chest, 2 essence chests, 2 gem chests. Rest were weapon/armor/jewellery.

  5. You remind me of being young. It's a nice feeling to reminisce 🙂 I used to use a lot of superlatives back then too, completely insane and utterly interesting <3

  6. 0:46 , Exactly, it's absurd. This is bad design. 100 chests slapped onto each other. While there could be like 10 and it would look normal.
    edit: As for Blighted uniques, those drop everywhere from Blight. Got 3 already. Only 1 in Blight map and it just some random chest.

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