Simple Elytra Launcher – Minecraft Tutorial Build – Java Edition

An easy to build Elytra Launcher using only basic blocks and lots of boats. More below!
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The build is very simple but at the same time it’s easy to make mistakes. The most annoying mistake you can make is when 100 boats escape and spreads on the ground and needs to be picked up manually one by one. Other mistakes could be to touch boats so they move or naturally place blocks in the wrong place. When I built it at…

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36 thoughts on “Simple Elytra Launcher – Minecraft Tutorial Build – Java Edition
  1. Another Minecraft tutorial build, this time how I built the Elytra launcher demonstrated before. Simple to build, only basic building blocks and no redstone required! Edit: I have now added "Java Edition" in the title as it seems like it doesn't work in Bedrock and it seems to make people angry for some reason. I only play Java Edition so I haven't tried this in any other game version. If you build this successfully in any other version, please leave a comment and say so.

  2. This has worked pretty well for me all-in-all. One time I jumped in as usual and died of kinetic energy as soon as I touched the boats, so maybe carry a totem with you if you're playing in hardcore lol.

  3. Dis does not even work I tried like 20 times and it did not even launched me in the air I take damage when I fall down the tube thing 2/10 send ur email and il tell u why

  4. When I jump into the launcher I get stuck in the corner and I need to shift to get out. It has only worked once. Do you know how to fix this?

    I tried walking forward and then stop walking and then jumping but it still doesn't work.

  5. i'm on Java 1.17 snapshot 20w51a and i've built it twice because the boats just fly out everywhere after i get launched out. I'm pretty sure i've built it correctly. Maybe it doesn't work because of a bug in the snapshot

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