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Great Learning brings you this live session on ‘Analysing FIFA data using the python. In this session, we will take a FIFA dataset and analyze the metrics of different players. We will also be using libraries such as pandas, matplotlib, and seaborn to perform exploratory data analysis on top of this FIFA data.

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8 thoughts on “Python Project on Analyzing Football Data | Great Learning
  1. sir a small doubt there are more than 2k plus missing values in the data set ,how to handle them can you pls say me?

  2. Sir the video is very useful which helped me to develop a python football program. Thanks for this video sir.
    import random as rd
    options=["20 yards free kick","23 yards free kick","25 yards free kick","left-side cornor","right-side cornor","penalty shot"]
    team1=input("Enter Team1 name: ")
    team2=input("Enter Team2 name: ")  
    for i in range(0,5): 
        if goal_nogoal_r==0:
            goal_count_team1 +=1
    for i in range(0,5):
        if goal_nogoal_r==0:
            goal_count_team2 +=1
    print("nFinal Result: ")
    Any online compiler can be used to run this programm

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