PYTHON CODE ALONG | python tutorial for absolute beginners (learn to code in python)

PYTHON CODE ALONG | python tutorial for absolute beginners (learn to code in python)
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Code along with me in Python! Created this video because a lot of python code along with me videos don’t really seem beginner-friendly! Made this video for the absolute beginner that wants to learn to code in python. In this…

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44 thoughts on “PYTHON CODE ALONG | python tutorial for absolute beginners (learn to code in python)
  1. I'm so happy a lot of people are enjoying this video 😭❀️ I am planning on making a part 2 to this video and thank you to all of the comments requesting it, it keeps it on my radar! In the meantime, I have a series on creating a video game in python! You might enjoy that so here's the playlist: I also have learn to code with me videos on my tik tok: maya_loves_code and I have this video on free resources to learn python:

  2. Great introductory video! I’m cutting taking a Python course and this helped out a lot. Question, which is closer to Python coding: Java or C++? I have to take one of those courses in the future and want to take the one that has the closest coding language to Python. Best wishes. God bless!

  3. That was awesome! I’ve seen lots of the absolute beginner videos about Python and this one is by far the best. You explain every detail of what you are doing, what it means, and why it’s important. Language is straight forward and easy to understand. I would love it if you made a whole sequence about Python and, I’ll bet, lots of other people would as well. Thanks!

  4. print("My Salary Calculator")

    InputA = input("How much do I make per Hour?")


    InputB = input("How many hours do I work per Day?")


    dailypay = int(InputA) * int(InputB)

    print("This is my Daily Earnings:", dailypay)

    InputC = input("How many days do I work in a Week?")


    weekly_pay = dailypay * int(InputC)

    print("This is my Weekly Earning:", weekly_pay)

    print("Since Four Weeks make a Month!")

    monthly_pay = weekly_pay * 4

    print("My Monthly Earnings:", monthly_pay)

    so my first python code ever! ThanksMaya!

  5. Exactly 2 mins in, I subscribed and liked! Yasss Queen! Share the wealth! Definitely wanted to learn this and I appreciate you for taking the time to teach this!

  6. hi my big coach i'm so glad to pursue this course i'm beginner i want to have skills like you help me to grow up thanks a lot for all you do only God will reward you. be bless kiss

  7. Your simplicity is your strength to which many beginners, including myself, can relate easily. Something learned this way is easy to retain. Keep it up. Thank you.

  8. Hi Maya
    I really enjoyed ur video
    Just DAT the only problem is that the video isn't clear so I could not really understand much because I couldn't see wat u were doing

  9. Thanks Maya, an academican in electrical engineering (PhD) wh0o wnats to leave the academic business and enter to IT finds your videos very isntructional and interesting. Ciao Bella, un piacere

  10. Thx maya
    Your are doing a good good work
    You are teaching us a coding for free
    Thank you😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  11. I love your videos. I am trying to become a Data Analyst but do not have much experience. I am a Bachelors in Math and only have a tiny experience in Maple and MATLAB.

  12. Thank youuu so much for this! Coding has always been such a mystery to me even when I tried it at uni, I wish you had been my professor 😍 I understood all of what you said and feel like I know something now πŸ₯³ Keep up the good work!

  13. Thank you for the content. I was told as a non IT professional to look into the field and Python coding. Where would you say one would start and chart a path? Thanks.

  14. Sweeeeeet! Love everything about you <3 Your charming personality, the slower cadence and especially the detail for beginning-beginners like me. Yay! My fav instructor – keep gettin' it plz!

  15. Maya please why didn't you add your double quotation mark when you say print weekly savings, and also monthly savings but you do so when you say this is how much for a week, and a month if I'm not mistaken inside the same bracket

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