Php Mysql near perfect setup for web development – Atom IDE

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In this video we will set up a nearly perfect web development programming environment for Php and Mysql. We will be using XAMPP, Sublime text 3 and Atom but there are other options mentioned too.
Also I have mentioned couple of good plugins that you should have for PHP development.

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29 thoughts on “Php Mysql near perfect setup for web development – Atom IDE
  1. Dude, you came like an angel in my life RN… I was not able to setup php environment for the pas 24hrs and today is my project submission. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  2. Hi, I've been running XAMPP 7.3.7 on MacOS 10.13.3 smoothly for the last few months but suddenly from yesterday while opening xampp I'm getting an error "cannot calculate MAC address: Unable to create VM (-85377018)". I couldn't get pass this error. And the most worried thing is that my project folder located under "/opt/lampp/htdocs", that I couldn't access any more due to said error. Pls. help me to sort this ASAP.

  3. Awesome, but where do I go from here? :O I have a whole database set up and ready to via MySQL but idk how to make the front-end with PHP T.T RIP i need more guidance.

  4. I like a lot of Atom's features, but have to say that for php is not the best option. To get started, is almost impossible to reindent and beautyfy de code properly, the packages out there, such as Atom Beautify, are an absolute nightmare to setup and simply don't work. Hopefully someday all this would change…

  5. Is it fare to move on with Android development…as I completed my graphic and web designing…development is running on……can u pls tell me wht is d text editor…coz my faculty not taught me it yet

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