PHP beginners tutorial 45 – checkboxes

In this tutorial I show you how to retrieve data from a checkbox.

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13 thoughts on “PHP beginners tutorial 45 – checkboxes
  1. Quentin, what if I want to display a list of all checked options following a question? As with this method it goes through a the options in sequence and if you select multiple it only displays the first one it detects is checked

  2. this is a useless tutorial, you're treating checkboxes as radio buttons. There can be a multitude of check boxes and the methods of processing them shown in this video would be extremely inefficient

  3. Thanks for all your effort. You are a great teacher. I have a questions. How do i do? I have 4 checkboxs, people can check more than 1, but your tutorial you can just check one. I want to add code into my php so then i know in what they are interested. Please any help will i will be gratefull.

  4. in this video you are not able to check both boxes at the same time but while i am doing i am able to check both video at the same time and isset() function is also not working what to do ?? please help Queintin sir

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