Kelly Slater surfing in Java, Indonesia

Kelly slater testing out his GoPro camera in the remote waters of Java, Indonesia. Filmed by Carlo Coral. Music” “Above You” by The Whitest Boy Alive.

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9 thoughts on “Kelly Slater surfing in Java, Indonesia
  1. Crazy how Indo changes, around about 2000 i use to go down and surf this coast just because my wife home town is nearby, i west there about four times and i never saw any other surfers, no one and i even surfed the river alone pumping, i did explore the coast but always went east so never found Watu Karang, i never expected this area would become well known or heavily surfed as apart from Watu Karung its very average, how wrong i was now its popular with many different places for surfers too stay…crazy and kind of sad.

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