How to create an E-commerce application with PHP, MySQL, Ajax and PayPal

Learn how to create your very own E-commerce application with Object Orinented PHP, MySQL, Ajax and PHP. This series introduces Object Oriented programming with PHP – you will learn what Classes and Methods are and how to use them in order to build your own application. It explains how to create Ajax based shopping basket, which will allow you to add and remove products form the basket without reloading the page. You will also learn how to use PayPal in order to process payments and Instant…

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11 thoughts on “How to create an E-commerce application with PHP, MySQL, Ajax and PayPal
  1. hi sebastian sulinkski i tried to follow your tutorial but i stuck even at first very begining tutorials like classes is not working or connecting properly even am following you properly can you please help me out!

  2. Hello Sir, I have taken your course. Everything was going perfectly uptill now but now I am stuck at IPN Notifications which are returned from Paypal. As you said we need a live hosting service for this purpose.I cannot afford it so i choosed a free hosting service However there are many issues related to this.
    I need your help in implementing IPN on localhost.

    I have also read various posts on stackoverflow to implement IPN on localhost.
    using ngrok ( (creating a tunnel for my localhost to outside world) but to no avail.
    I am stuck. Please help me.
    Can you please post a short tutorial on how to achieve IPN on localhost or provide me with a good working free hosting service that is good to run this website on?

    Below are the links of various posts i have referred :

  3. I checked out the free videos and I am interested in the course. However, when I do a search for the series, I get all kinds of different prices for the course. What is the "official" website for the series? Also, are the videos available for download to my local computer?

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