How to Build: Rail Cannon by Fallen_Breath (Java 1.13.2+, 1.16+)

Finally, a tutorial on how to build the rail cannon by Fallen_Breath!

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Fallen_Breath’s rail cannon video:

– Fabric (mod loader) –
– Litematica (template building tool) –
– MiniHUD (numerous useful utilities) -…

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35 thoughts on “How to Build: Rail Cannon by Fallen_Breath (Java 1.13.2+, 1.16+)
  1. i though that i could build this on a multiplayer server, until it needed mods, if there is a block by block tutorial out there, PLEASE LET ME KNOW

  2. Instead of coping other people and being a wanna be, I decided to make my own bedrock edition railgun.
    Edit: I’m saying this to myself not anyone else.

  3. No clue what I'm missing here… Just finished building this on my SMP. Every time I kill the dragon, she flies up into the bottom of the machine, taking out a large portion of the bottom as she dies.
    This happens on my SMP and in SP when I open the backup in single player. Happens if I'm standing on the control platform and if I jump down right away and stand on the same y level as the portal.
    On 1.16.5. Any thoughts?

    The only thing that's different from the world download and mine, other than the colors of the concrete, is the height of everything. Everything is 3 blocks lower than the world download, but that is because my portal is 3 blocks lower in my world than in the world download. That being said, the dragon is destroying ~30 blocks vertically from the bottom, taking out the entire bottom redstone section.

  4. Run out of shulker boxes for my new storage and want to get some more, so I've like to kill some more ender dragons and found this lol.
    A long list to build this thing but it's soooooooo fun.

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