GridLayoutManager RecyclerView & CardView In Android Using Kotlin

GridLayoutManager is a part of the RecyclerView.LayoutManager. For displaying list of data in Grid like Photo Gallery we can use GridLayoutManager. In Previous Blog we have discussed What is RecyclerView? Today we are going to learn about How to display list of data in RecyclerView Using GridLayoutManager


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12 thoughts on “GridLayoutManager RecyclerView & CardView In Android Using Kotlin
  1. I dont know why unexpected token in

    class ItemHolder(itemView: View) : RecyclerView.ViewHolder(itemView) {

    var icons: ImageView! = itemView.findViewById<ImageView>(R.id.icons_image)

    var alphas: TextView! = itemView.findViewById<TextView>(R.id.alpha_text_view)..

    If im delete ! then image will not open in app.

  2. I have a GridView in android which I fill it with data retrieved from a xml resource. For example I have 15 items in the GridView which are placed in order. The overall height exceeds the Screen height so i have to scroll to see the rest of the items. The problem is when I scroll back up, the order of the invisible rows have changed. It's a mysterious behavior as sometimes items swap rows with each other. 

    Sir please help

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