Easy Witch Farm Tutorial | Simply Minecraft (Java Edition 1.16)

Today we build a super simple and easy witch farm. This farm needs hardly any spawn proofing and will produce well over 2,500 items per hour. This farm tutorial will show you how to build a witch farm using a single witch hut found in a swamp. We balance ease of build with consideration to efficiency so this witch farm shouldn’t take too long to build and will produce a reasonable amount of resources, in particular… redstone.

Materials for this simple Witch farm:

★ Slab: 982
★ Glass…

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26 thoughts on “Easy Witch Farm Tutorial | Simply Minecraft (Java Edition 1.16)
  1. I just built this farm and witches aren't spawning on the bottom layer but all the other mobs are. I'm 99% sure I built it correctly so I'm not sure what's going on. I did some command trickery to stop the other mobs from spawning but witches still don't spawn.

  2. Your content is awesome man. This is the 2nd design of yours I’ve used, the other being your zombie villager trading hall and both designs have proven to be amazing. Good luck on continuing to grow your channel😄

  3. Ok so I made this farm and every mob but witches are spawning in the levels. Yes it is on a witch hut and uses the exact dimensions. It is also in a swamp with a lot of spawn proofing near it. Any idea on how to fix this so only witches spawn?

  4. Having a few issues with mine, just made it in creative. I've spawned proofed the entire area with water, lit up all the caves (spectator mode used to double check I didn't miss any), my center block was at 72, so I went up to 185 and made my afk platform there, hung out for 30 minutes in survival. Not a single witch has spawned. Oh the area isnt lit up either near the hut.

  5. The observer wouldn't power the repeater for some reason so I just got rid of both of them and used just redstone dust and it worked.

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