Deep Learning 54: CNN_6 – Implementation of CNN from Scratch in Python

This lecture implements the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) from scratch using Python.


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27 thoughts on “Deep Learning 54: CNN_6 – Implementation of CNN from Scratch in Python
  1. Hi, I have a problem with the code. The problem is in the Softmax class. The code that is wrong is: output_val =, self.weight) + self.bias, this is the problem.
    Sublime text says:"ValueError: shapes(52488,) and (2834352,10) not aligned: 52488 (dim 0) != 2834352 (dim 0)".
    I actually don't know what that means, so i have no chance to fix it. I programmed everything like you.
    Maybe someone knows how to solve this problem. And can you pls put this code on github or have you done this already?
    if yes can you pls give me the link?
    I hope you all ave a nice day.

  2. Hello Sir, I've got an error of unresolved reference for the input_data module of tensorflow. May you please let me know how to resolve this error. Thank you.

  3. I can't thank you enough for this content. I was looking for a demonstration of creating a CNN from scratch without the aid of a neural network framework. This seems to be it. I only have one question so far, that is, where can I download the code. I looked at the github site under your name and could not find it. Where can I find either a python or python notebook version of this code?

  4. I not too sure you back propagate convolution network ..the purpose of convolution network as I understand and implemented it is to reduce the amount of data to process if you were to use the image as raw data ..backpropagation however can be done in the fully connected part which is the neural network aspect of it. If you backpropagate Convolution output what is the error cost at that point and what is the target value at that point..

  5. Hats off, great content @Ahlad Kumar, thank you for everything you are doing. I'm ML master student and the videos helped me a lot in my DL course. You should get paid for your efforts, you should create a patreon campaign.

  6. Sir please make a video on how to make confusion matrix from the result we have got from cnn. Plz sir🙏. After getting the results what are the next steps!!! It will be really helpful

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