Computer Vision with Python and OpenCV – Video Player

In this video, we will learn the following topics
►Video Player with OpenCV

The link to the github repository for the code examples is as follows,

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12 thoughts on “Computer Vision with Python and OpenCV – Video Player
  1. num = 1
    cv2.imwrite('D:\opencv\storage\pic' + str(num) +'.jpg',frame)
    num +=1

    i used this to capture multiple pictures along with video and store it in system. it worked!!

  2. dude, I am working on a task for a neuroscience study, I run a video with OpenCV just like you, but I add some lines to obtain a response event while the video is on; I put "if cv2.waitKey(33) and 0xFF == ord('3')", then save the message on eyelink and on a text file. With this, it happens that when I hold the key ('3') the entire video, this run faster, and when I dont press the key the video runs slower….any idea of why? greets

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