CodeForces Kotlin Heroes – 6 || A, B, C, D || Speaking out Loud || No C++, only Kotlin (:

So, here is the screencast for today’s Kotlin Heroes contest on code forces. The interesting thing about this contest is that you are only allowed to use Kotlin in this contest. However, there is a very cool hack for this if you code in Java. You can code your solution in Java and use any converter to convert it to Kotlin. Obviously, that is now how I did it but yeah you can remember this hack next time while giving a Kotlin-only contest
Here are the time stamps:
0:00 Introduction

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7 thoughts on “CodeForces Kotlin Heroes – 6 || A, B, C, D || Speaking out Loud || No C++, only Kotlin (:
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  2. Bro I started with java for cp and I am not getting solution most of the time and how can I find out java concept that will helps me in codechef contest but I am not good for contest but want to parT contest so plz help me for java my problems
    Don't find out concepts in java a perfect java book or website except geeks because it really hard for me
    I don't get solution while I try to solve problems
    Basic concept is clear but not contest level
    I hope you will help me

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