Card Payments for Membership with PHP: Introduction (1/5)

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22 thoughts on “Card Payments for Membership with PHP: Introduction (1/5)
  1. Are you creating a charge for a recurring payment? I thought as much as you say this is for a Membership – but then I look at the API and it says I need to create a customer in order to create subscriptions.

  2. Thanks for ALL your wonderful Videos Alex !

    Worked great on my Windows localhost.
    Now having a hard time to setup on my Godaddy site.
    I was hoping to just copy the composer files over.
    My PHP version on Godaddy is 5.2.17.
    make sure the PHP version is greater than 5.3.2, which is the older version you can get to install Composer for package management.
    Still working on it.

  3. Great tutorial Alex. Would it be possible to do a Laravel one with an Authentication system. So you have a login/signup system with a card payment for membership in a series?

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