Build A Python GUI App Tutorial


In todays episode we are going to take a look on how we can build out a python gui app.
In todays era of improving our workflow, we are going to build an app that lets us auto open up a bunch of other apps that we would normally use. You can imagine it as being a workspace opener.

If you want to learn more about python or you are a python beginner this is a great tutorial for you to build out some practical apps.

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23 thoughts on “Build A Python GUI App Tutorial
  1. What is that autocomplete module called? It even shows all possible function parameters and a little documentation which looks super useful. I'm desperately trying to get proper autocomplete running in my Atom editor…

  2. wow this video made me really happy bc i've always wanted to do thing but now i could and it was simple enough that it didn't it didn't melt my brain. thank you!

  3. Great tutorial man!!!! Steam and RuneLite client opens, but Discord doesn't, any idea why this could happen? It works if I open the shortcut manually by clicking though.

  4. First time here was forwarded by a friend and i gotta say i love the way you teach, you come across precise and funny i love it, i promise im gonna master coding <3

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